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Hi, I'm Antonio, 18 and I live in Germany. Gaga is my baby. xx // reblog stuff with this symbol next to the pictures +


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Lady Gaga’s Message for Dubai. AMI Live Presents Lady Gaga’s ArtRave: The ARTPOP Ball live in Dubai on 10th September at Meydan.

Gaga arriving at Sydney Airport in Australia. 9.1.14 HQ

@ladygaga: Cheers to Australia you were perfection! On my way to the airport. Were laughing about all the fun amazing memories from our trip. #monster4life

what drugs have you done
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who is this child is this not lohanthony


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"lADY GAGA IS a fLOP!!!!!!!!"


Iggy Azalea and raw breakfast sausage

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s collaborative jazz album, Cheek to Cheek, available worldwide September 23rd, is now available for pre-order! When you pre-order the album on iTunes, you’ll get “Anything Goes” and the brand new track “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” instantly.


Studio Videos:

  • Anything Goes
  • "I Can’t Give You Anything But Love" (Coming This Week)
  • "I Won’t Dance" (Coming August 26th)
  • "It Don’t Mean A Thing" (Coming September 2nd)